We’re an Influencer Marketing Agency

Established in 2019

Our Story

“Billboards are great for convincing people you’ve got money, but if you wanna make money you gotta go social” -Dr Brent Coker

Wear Cape was born in 2019, though together we have over a decade of experience advising on some of the world’s most viral marketing campaigns.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of modern marketing, and a leading dedicated influencer marketing agency.

We’re a team of passionate social media technical experts, creatives, and strategists with proprietary access to the best influencers to build your social presence wide and far.

  • Strategy

    Our social media strategies are world-class – things are constantly changing on social media – and we pioneer exciting new strategies to maximise spread and engagement.

  • Influencer recruitment

    We use proprietary technologies to identify the best and most appropriate influencers for your brand.

  • Execution

    We’re experts at ensuring a smooth and brand safe execution of your strategy, from IP & Contract rights management through to syndication metrics and KPI tracking.

How we Help

Influencer Agency

We work with the best influencers to activate high impact social media buzz.

James <br /> Ramus


General Manager

We think he might actually live in his office.

Alena <br /> Tatyana


Office Manager

Alena has the keys to the snack fridge so we do what she says.

Anton <br /> Cooper


Talent Manager

Likes dropping the names of famous people he had lunch with.

Oscar <br /> Varga


Creative Director

Brews beer in his spare time (he’s very popular).

Cora <br /> Harris


Brand Strategist

Her special talent is knowing how to get the best table in ANY restaurant.

Stella <br /> Jackson


Account Manager

If she doesn’t show up to an office party people leave early.

Rylee <br /> Simon


Creative Strategist

Best person to have lunch with. Moonlights doing stand-up comedy.

Zane <br /> Phillips


Campaign Manager

Paraglides in the weekend. Umm Yeah.

Finn <br /> Oliver


Finance Manager

Favourite city: Vegas. Yeah we know...



Keep people smiling-ologist

Loves licking strange things off the floor.

What matters to us

Science matters

Science matters

Science suggests that humans behave in relatively predictable ways. Creativity is extremely important when it comes to marketing, but underlying effective campaigns is careful thought given to stimuli affecting judgement and decision making. We use proprietary knowledge based on the ‘Going Viral’ framework to maximise content engagement – because  we know it works.



It’s important to us that everybody, particularly our clients, knows what’s expected, what’s going on, and the likelihood and nature of what will happen. We’re scientists at heart – accuracy and effectiveness is a function of full disclosure and having everyone on the same page.

Quality first

Quality first

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a global brand – we’ll dedicate the same effort and brain power no matter who you are. All our clients are important to us – after all – you chose us!