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Full-service influencer marketing

  • Campaign strategy development

  • Influencer sourcing

  • Influencer and audience auditing

  • Influencer negotiation and contracting

  • Content rights and syndication

  • Content validation

  • Content scheduling

  • Payments

  • AiMCO and AANA compliance

  • Metrics and analytics

  • Content boosting and creative

Platform Partnerships & Expertise

TikTok Influencer Marketing

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YouTube Influencer Marketing

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Instagram Influencer Marketing

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Partnering with Us

Influencer Agency Australia

If you’d like to find out more about how our influencer agency can help you, let us know and we’ll schedule a meeting.

  • The first thing we do when we meet a new client is to arrange a meeting, either in-person or more commonly on Zoom. In this meeting we discuss the client’s current situation, expectations, goals, and address their questions.

  • After the initial meeting we map out a strategy in a proposal, and send it to the client for approval. In the proposal and follow-up meeting we outline campaign goals, execution strategy, and budget. After approval, we send the brief to our expert team to get started, and send a timeline to the client with key dates and influencer profile selection advice.

  • We have a proven workflow to ensure better results. We have the technology and experience to run high impact campaigns from strategy to execution.

our process

Influencer Campaign Process

  • 01Strategy

    After a thorough needs analysis to determine KPIs and what you’re trying to achieve, we formulate a strategic plan and tactics to achieve the goals and objectives.
  • 02Sourcing

    We carefully vet and onboard the right influencers to fit your brand. This step involves a critical evaluation of content makeup, follower demographic and psychographic data, and authenticity due diligence if outreach is required.
  • 03Influencer Onboarding

    We work closely with each influencer to ensure they deliver what is expected and according to the contract. We handle all aspects of the influencer relationship, including rate negotiation, payment processing, content ownership, syndication, monitoring, and more.
  • 04Campaign Monitoring

    After the content plan goes live we go to work ensuring engagement is maximised. This may include coordinating the influencer campaign with offline coordinated brand activations, tying it in with other digital marketing initiatives, or coordinating content deployment amongst multiple influencers.
  • 05Optimisation

    It’s important to closely monitor influencer campaigns. Oftentimes we might be A/B testing content to identify the best ones to sponsor or repurpose. Other times we’re simply looking out for ways to boost engagement.
  • 06Measurement

    We track the progress and report performance of the campaign against predefined KPIs and ROI.
  • Our Process
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    Influencer Onboarding
  • icon influencer monitoring
    Campaign Monitoring
  • icon influencer optimisation
  • icon campaign measurement

what we do

Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer Discovery

    We research your market to hand pick the perfect influencers for your campaign. It’s not just the quality of influencer that matters – ultimately it’s their followers that will become your next customers.

  • Influencer Relations

    We manage all aspects of influencer marketing campaigns, including onboarding, contracts, syndication, content approvals, compliance, production, and much more.

  • Strategy and Campaign Management

    We’re experts at conceptualising and running high impact influencer campaigns from start to finish.

  • Content Marketing

    We work closely with influencers and creators to produce highly engaging and sharable content to maximise reach.

  • Hybrid Activations

    Hybrid activations are a combination of offline content production and online sharing. We’re pioneers of this advanced style of marketing.

  • Data Driven Campaigns

    Critically important for modern influencer and social marketing campaigns is the recording and analysis of data, from onboarding and vetting, to repurposing to final ROI.