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Why Some Influencer Marketing Campaigns Work and Others Dont

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What is a CGI Influencer?

What is a CGI influencer, and are they really the future of influencer marketing?

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the only wave we’ll experience.…
What You Need to Know about Instagram’s New In-app Checkout

What You Need to Know about Instagram’s New In-app Checkout

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that…
If your business Instagram sucks

If your business Instagram ‘sucks’, you’ll have a hard time attracting users.

Here is a simple guide on how to use and grow your Instagram…
What Does Influencer Marketing Look Like In 2020

What Does Influencer Marketing Look Like In 2020?

The phenomenal proliferation of digital usage in recent times…
Influencers you should follow in 2021

Influencers you Should Follow in 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unusual year, especially…
can influencers be trusted

Can Influencers Be Trusted?

Of course not all influencers can be trusted and on first impressions it is not always clear which ones are trustworthy.
running a successful influencer marketing campaign

5 critical steps for running a successful influencer campaign in 2020

Influencer marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective.…
Infleuncer Marketing Myths

8 Myths About Influencer Marketing as we move into 2020

Influencer Marketing is still a powerful way to seed great content…
How to be an influencer

How to Become an Influencer in 2020

It’s everybody’s dream job – getting paid by brands to…
Instagram Research

Instagram Research (December 2019): Does having a business account lower your engagement?

Abstract: Instagram has a clear incentive to lower organic engagement…
Voice Search and what it means for your brand

Voice Search – Knowing this one thing could save your brand

Voice search is the future, there’s no doubt about that. Perhaps…
Dr Brent Coker Going Viral Framework

The 3 most essential elements in Dr Coker’s Going Viral marketing framework

The Going Viral Framework is the culmination of 8 years…